Mini-Max LED Mosquito & Bug Catcher


This state of the art product brings together various methods such as mimicking of sound frequencies generated by the mosquitoes , a Blue LED light in place of traditional UV bulbs, and silent suction fan, to attract and trap mosquitoes within 200 square feet of the machine.

Windmill-style fan design creates extra suction to catch mosquitoes easily.

A safe and environmentally friendly product that does not contain or produce any poisonous substances, chemicals or harmful radiation. Instead, it catches the mosquitoes alive silently without any unpleasant aroma.

No setup and preparation required. This product is ready to go the moment you plug in the power cable and switch on the power.

The soft warm glow from LED does not affect normal sleep and even adds to the ambience of the room.

Low electricity consumption at 13w and high product reliability allows you to operate the machine continuously without worrying about high electricity bills or overheating.

You can even see the trapped mosquitoes through the wire- mesh at the base of the elegantly designed frog-shaped unit .

Usage area : Home , restaurant , recreational facilities, hotels, hospitals, farms and even during outdoor activities.

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