Mini-Max UV Light Bed & Upholstery Cleaner


Mini-Max Item # 507101
NEW Mini-Max UV Light, Bed & Upholstery Cleaner

Introducing our latest bacteria-killing UV light Bed & Upholstery cleaner

How it Works!

You are a millionaire!

Each night over 10 million dust mites will stay in your warm bed.

Ideal Environment:
Warm, damp, and dark +
Abundant food supply (Dead skin)

Independent Lab Test Report shows that 99.9% of all living dust mites, dust mite eggs, bed bugs, germs, and bacteria are killed within 1 second of being in contact or in view of this UV Light.
Consumers look for products that offer value for their money. That's where we can help. Now we're bringing you our latest innovation in bed & upholstery cleaning.

This small but efficient hand held cleaner uses the newest in UV Light technology to kill Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, germs and bacteria as the vacuum motor extracts out old debris, dust and dust mites from your beds and upholstery.

This compact but powerful vacuum motor rotates at 2,500 RPM and the vibrating bar breaks up dust that has been trapped and aged deep down in your beds and upholstery.

Join the TV Shopping Channels and major retailers' customers by using the futuristic way of cleaning with our UV Light technology!

Note: Before cleaning with the Mini-Max UV Bed & Upholstery Cleaner you must first clean the surface with your current vacuum cleaner using a new or clean filter and the upholstery style tool that attaches to your system. This will deeply clean any initial dust & skin cell fibers which will then allow the UV Bed & Upholstery Cleaner to have easier access to come in direct contact with Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Dust Mite eggs, live germs and bacteria that traditional vacuum systems accidentally leave behind.

For more info email us at 1 Year Warranty.

Included 15.5ft Home Plug Cord.
(200 Minimum Order)

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