Mini-Max 3-in-1 System


3-in-1 Mini-Max Features

This 3-in-1 system uses the incredible but natural power of Mother Nature's most effective cleaning agent to filter and revitalize your families air. Aromatizes & Sanitizes the air to help reduce air born germs, bacteria, smoke, pet & cooking odors. Concentrated Solutions add a beautiful fragrance in your air leaving it smelling as if you have been cleaning all day long. Aromatherapy is ideal for creating a healthy indoor environment for every room in your home.

Voltage:AC/DC Adapter Plug-24V
Product Size:7.87in. x 7.44in. x 12.8 in.
Retail Box Size:11.6in. x 9.2in. x 14.6in.
Case Box Size:23.8in. x 19.1in. x 15.35in. (23.8 lbs.)
Case Quantity:4 pieces

3-in-1 System
Water Filtrated Air Purifier
Air Freshener / Aromatizer
Deodorizer / Air Humidifier

Solutions Included:

NEW 2oz Microbeshield Sanitizer & Deodorizer

2oz Lavender
  • Forces airborne dirt, dust & odors through Water Filtrated process.
  • Exhausts an ideal amount of humidity for dry environments.
  • A few drops of Aromatizing Solutions will add beautiful fragrance to your air.
  • Deodorizes & Sanitizes the airborne germs & bacteria in your home & work place
  • Creates revitalized & bacteria free air.

Independent Laboratory Tests show the water in the Mini-Max will catch approximately 5 lbs. of airborn dust per year with only running the unit an average of 8 hours per day.

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